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Windows of the soul
EAL/EAP has been used for years, but has only recently gained recognition; this approach is unique and effective.  Unique because it involves horses and effective because changes in the individual's life are often seen quickly.  EAL/EAP involves a partnership between a Equine Specialist (ES) and a Mental Health specialist (MH), and the third part of the team is/are the horses; the team facilitates exercises in a safe environment for individuals to learn to face their  challenges in a healthy manner. The individual is facing and acknowledging the emotions attached to those issues.  Horses are very sensitive animal and provides an honest "mirror" for the clients to learn more about themselves.  The team is present to aid with processing and debriefing  after the sessions.
Deeply looking in the horse's eye will open a new universe.
EAL/EAP address core issues.
- Fear of losing control
- Fear of losing relationship
Knowing your limits and the ones of the people around you.
From the interactions with these majectic animals you will:

- Intensify leadership skills.

- Create deep lasting bonds.

- Identify personal strengths and challenges.