Healing Soles Ltd.
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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)
​...are "structured" sessions where the client(s) learns about themselves through their interactions with horses. This type of therapy is used to help individuals and families rise above multiple types of issues such as parent/child relationships, coping skills, personal boundaries, bullying, addictions, self-esteem, fears, etc.  
Businesses from small employers to large corporations use this type of group therapy for work place enhancement, team building and leadership exercises.  
      Connections                       that starts at the 
sole of two souls
At Healing Soles Ltd we are open from Monday to Saturday, but you can call any time for further information or to book a session.
We are located 30 minutes north of Red Deer; 8 miles west on hwy 53 off hwy 2 at Wolfville Acres Stables & Kennels.
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Lacombe, Alberta  
Where there's horses, there's hope!